Hi, welcome to my profile. I guess you are here because you would like to know more about me. That is great. I would be honest and tell you that I am not veeery comfortable talking about me. But I will try…

Me in three statements:

  • I like to share.
  • I like people who share.
  • I would like people share with me.

About Me brief info


Passionate about making devices talk to each another – the internet

The Journey.

electrical & electronic engineer

telecommunication major

web developer



Web Development wordpress


Green-Kenya is a registered non-profit Organization with an aim of creating safe space for young people.


Collonaire Construction Limited is a private limited company involved in Construction of buildings, Road, Water and other civil works.

Umeme sports club a pioneer in sports since 22/2/72 was initially formed as a self help youth group but later transformed into a (NGO)

School Project IoT application

This is the final year (fifth year) project at the the School of Engineering, University of Nairobi.

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1 years ago


On this day in 1964, the first computer program written in BASIC was run at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. Invented by two Dartmouth professors—Thomas Kurtz (left) and John Kemeny—BASIC, an acronym for Beginner’s All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code, was designed to simplify computing and make computer programming accessible to all. With that idea in mind, Kemeny and Kurtz tried to use common English words with obvious meanings. Kemeny envisioned all people having access to computers and using them for such tasks as writing a letter or playing games. Variations on BASIC proliferated in the 1970s and 1980s. One of those variants was written by Bill Gates, who went on to found Microsoft. Kemeny and Kurtz have been credited with launching the open-source software movement and promoting computer literacy. (Photo credit: Dartmouth College) ...

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